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Terms & Conditions


Providing parking is the responsibility of the customer, if there are restrictions eg: yellow lines, red routes, residents only etc you must provide a permit from the local council if this is not possible , please be honest and say where the closest legal parking is available eg: 50 yards, 100 yards etc... this may cost a little more but it is much better for you if we know in advance, if parking is legal try to reserve a space for the van outside before it arrives or call the local council and get a suspension or permit where necessary) if there is no parking pre -arranged any parking fines received will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid by the customer on completion, however we will not park illegally and the driver may have to leave if legal parking is not provided.

Congestion & Toll Charges

There will be an extra charge of £8 when passing through the London Congestion Charge Zone, other congestion charge zones and tolls will be charged accordingly. (Unless otherwise stated)

Payment Requirements

In advance of your move you may pay via Credit / Debit card directly to the office or if you are a business by BACS directly in to our account (information will be supplied on confirmation of your booking). We do not accept cheques.

Arrival / Delivery Times

We will do our best to arrive within the time scale stated, however arrival times are estimated. Delays to collection /delivery times are sometimes unavoidable (due to traffic accidents, weather etc). We do not accept any responsibility for any customer loses due to unforeseen or out of our control delivery/collection delays.

Changes in item numbers

You may incur extra charges if the actual amount of items on the day exceeds the amount of items that were included in your quote, a couple of boxes more would not normally cause an issue, however if you have under-estimated your items by more than this the driver will add on an extra charge depending on the amount of items and time taken to load them. Also we may have other jobs that we need to get to on the day of your removal and we need to allow adequate time for us to complete all jobs. Should you not have told us about all your goods we may not have time to take the extra items.

Your packing Responsibilities

We accept no responsibility for damage or breakage to items that have not been packed / protected by adequate means.

It is the customers responsibility to dismantle any unit/system/flat pack furniture and beds and this should be done before our arrival.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises (eg: size of sofa and size of aperture) Our drivers will not be insured to remove doors or windows in such cases and it is up to the customer to organise a specialist if needed.

Awkward Access

You will incur extra charges if you have not informed us of awkward access. Awkward access can include, no vehicle access, no parking available in close proximity to the property and cramped stair and hallway conditions where large items of furniture such as sofas will not fit.

Unforeseen Circumstances

We reserve the right to add extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances (eg: waiting for keys or gaining entry, incorrect addresses and so on).

Postponement or Cancellation

If you postpone or cancel after your booking is confirmed you will be charged 50% of the confirmed quote. If you postpone or cancel within 24hours of the date of the job you will be charged the value of the job in full. We reserve the right to cancel or change dates and times.

Non working items

We can not accept any responsibility for items with internal working parts that do not work upon delivery, machanical, electronic or otherwise, it is not possible for us to test such items on collection.

Staff Abuse

Verbal or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

If the driver is forced to leave the job because of abuse from the customer verbal or otherwise the customer will still be liable to pay in full.

Pets and Animals

We will not take any live pets on board. This is for the safety of your pets. Neither will we carry on board reptile cages or enclosures. Empty fish tanks may be carried at our discretion and only if informed prior to our arrival to your property.


We will no accept loss or damage which occurs prior to collection or packing by us or after delivery or unpacking by us.

Animals and their cages or tanks, including pets, birds or fish.

None of our employees will incur any liability to you.

We will not accept loss or damage to any goods that are in boxes or bags that are not packed by us.

We will not accept loss or damage to any goods packed in bags such as bin liners, shopping bags or laundry bags.